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Make your product known, loved, and bought by your specific market. Technical evangelism and technology adoption creates markets, sets standards, and opens new vistas for profitability.

Tech Savvy Simplified


The evangelist is your representative for the product. A strong evangelist will increase sales, enhance the brand reputation, and garner positive press for your product.



Maximize ROI, increase productivity, and eliminate frustration by improving technology adoption. Focus on the human side of computing and unleash the potential of your technology investments.



You need your staff to communicate technology benefits internally and externally. Improve your internal evangelism and adoption capabilities with interactive, effective technical communication training.


As one spectator commented: “I learned more in one hour of Sierra’s presentation than I did in a multi-week course at work.” I highly recommend her!

Shelly Olsen, Director of Special Events

Sierra provided a great talk for our HP audience. Our employees were motivated to implement her techniques right away!

Shawna Corden, Hewlett-Packard

Sierra knows her stuff, is quick to make recommendations that will make your technology and platforms more productive and profitable. Hire Sierra today – you will be glad you did.

Neen James, Productivity Expert

Sierra Modro expands our panorama.

Jack Birnbach, Chief Financial Officer

Sierra helped me identify which items I needed and how to activate them so that profits could easily flow.

Jim Cathcart, Bestselling Author



“For the past 30 years, humans have been adapting ourselves to the demands of computers. We have learned how to type, use a mouse, and sit at desks for 8-10 hours per day.

That is changing. Now more than ever, we have the option to mold technology to fit human needs, human connections, and human desires.

Let’s put the personal back into computing!”

Sierra Modro       


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Sierra Modro - Technology Evangelist

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